Your Time Mindset — Let Abundance Open Your Possibilities


Your time mindset is powerful.

Your time mindset affects how you see your world. And it also impacts how you experience your world.

The key lies inside of you.

When your time mindset springs from abundance, it affects how you approach every task and every challenge that comes your way.

It enhances your productivity and helps you make better decisions.

And that’s not all.  Your life just feels better as you approach it proactively and without those feelings of scarcity and fear that can constrain us so.

You’ll find that the following two tools provide unanticipated rewards as you work with them.  They appear simple, but the more you practice, the more new doors you’ll open for yourself.

Your body and your time mindset…

Your understanding of time is reflected in the way you live in your body, and vice versa.

When your body is cramped, your perceptions tend to narrow. Shallow breathing, muscle tension, and constriction affect your body chemistry and create a psychological, as well as a physiological, sense of urgency. You are not going to have your best ideas in this state.

Conversely, when you are relaxed, your body is more flexible and brimming with vitality and your mind takes on the same attributes.  In this state, you will find it much easier to enter into spacious or abundant time.

Here’s a simple, potent exercise to enrich your awareness of the moment and expand your time mindset.  Try it in any place where you have some privacy and can relax. stretch, and Grow Long Arms:

  • Stretch out your arms to either side, using your fingers to extend the stretch.
  • Observe how, moment after moment, your arms reach further and further and even further.
  • Next, relax, breathe deeply and bring your awareness within.
  • Notice the ways that exploring this outer space has increased your sense of inner spaciousness, too.
  • When you invest even just 30 seconds to gently elongate your body this way, you open up your inner spaciousness.
  • As an added benefit, you’ll calm any stress that you are feeling.

You can use this simple exercise throughout your day. As you oxygenate your body and stretch your muscles, a new calmness and relaxed appreciation of time fill you. Your creativity and productivity will be enhanced almost effortlessly, it would seem.

Curiosity kindles connection.

Next, pause and tune into how you respond when an unfamiliar challenge pops up. Do you recoil and brace yourself? Fear and tension will narrow your sense of options, stifle your creativity, and create a simplistic either/or scarcity mentality. Coming from that place it is hard to prioritize, and more difficult to keep to a healthy schedule.  Fear has taken over the driver’s seat.

How can you change that?  One way is to call on another natural impulse — your curiosity.

Any time you notice yourself apprehensively thinking, “What if…?”, try replacing that with “I wonder what…?”

As one of the great antidotes to fear, curiosity provides the perfect climate for learning. You stop focusing on what you don’t know and instead focus on what you are eager to figure out.

This fundamental shift in perspective feels better. And it puts you in a superior position to chart out your time, and to ride the wave of change toward new growth and discoveries.

See for yourself how shifting from constriction to expansiveness opens your heart, your mind and your sense of what is possible. How will you start shifting your time mindset today? What will be your first step?

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