Your Time-Using It Well, Even When a Meeting Is Wasting It!

Your Time - Meetings

Your time is yours – no matter what!

Your time is yours, and the way you spend it defines your life, moment by precious moment.

The more aware you are of your time, the more irksome it is when it feels like someone else is taking it from you!  So, the first thing I’d remind you of is this:  Your time is always your time; no matter what the situation, you have choices! Click to Tweet 

Finding time can sometimes call for your creativity and self-control! How often have you been stuck in a large meeting or presentation that is disorganized and a waste of your time?

Maybe you need to attend because the presenter is important to your business. Maybe your boss told you to go. Your choices may be limited – but you still do have some.

Here are 5 tips for managing a situation like this:

• Respect yourself (and that means respecting others who are present as well).
Tempting as it might be, do not slip back into seventh-grade! Passing notes, rolling your eyes, or making jokes reflects badly on you and your business – even if everyone else shares your frustration.

• Be open.
It is worth trying to gain something for your time. Keep an open mind. Listen. You are likely to come up with one or two useful tidbits no matter what.

• Plan, plan, plan.
If there is NO useful information to be had, use the time for yourself. You can make lists and organize your time for the rest of the week. If you have a long-term project you need to get started on, here is an opportunity so use the time! You can set goals, break them down into small pieces, set priorities, and begin to create your work plan. (And do it quietly and unobtrusively; it’s your time, but respect your surroundings as you explore your options!)

• Relax.
If you are irritated, do some deep breathing. Or meditate (with your eyes open – and avoiding anything obvious like the lotus position). It doesn’t help to get upset, so you may as well use the time to relax.

• Be creative.
You may need to brainstorm more options for your time while you’re in this not-very-useful meeting! Let your ideas flow! Maybe you will try doing some isometrics, or drafting a letter you need to write. Once you really take in the fact that it’s your time – and claim the power to manage it no matter what – you’ll find that you have plenty of ideas.

The fact is many of us spend a lot of time in meetings – or in situations where our time choices feel constrained. It can be very challenging to use that time well. Sometimes the best you can do is to be polite, relax, and take one or two useful things away with you – whatever the situation may be.

Brainstorming options, making choices, and finding productive ways to respond no-matter-what, keeps you on top of your game, because you are finding time!

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