Your Unique Inner Critic — Here’s How to Quiet That Voice

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Quiet your inner critic.

Your unique inner critic whispers in your ear more than you’d think.

And quieting that negative voice is an effort well worth undertaking. 

Our thoughts are much more powerful than we sometimes realize. And, while often the simply offer a quiet backdrop to our day, they affect our energy profoundly.

Many of us are plagued by the droning voice of the inner critic. Here’s an example, reflected in a recent question from a reader.

Barbara in Cincinnati wrote:

Dear Paula,

I appreciate your posts and e-zine and have a question about my inner critic.

I actually don’t think I’m a critical person. I’m not aware of my critic or her voice; so I don’t think this part is big in my life.

But things do bother me a lot. I am easily irritated by others. And I feel like I never have enough time. I always have the nagging sense that I should be accomplishing something other than what I am doing.

Can you help me?

Here’s my reply…

Hi Barbara,

I think I can help you get to the bottom of this.

It is positive that you are in touch with your feelings. Use this access as an avenue to explore the distorting nature of your inner critic.

The first step is learning to identify her. We each carry this voice inside, and it will have a tone and flavor that is unique to each of us.

But there are some common themes, too. Absolute statements that include words like “should”, “ought to”, and “must”, are good clues. So are verbal and nonverbal judgments about yourself and/or others. Examples might include feeling statements like:

  • “You’re so dumb!” (Translated to “I’m SO dumb”) or
  • “I’m just no good”, or
  • “Who do you think you are”?

Your unique inner critic unmasked…

To get acquainted with your own unique inner critic, I suggest you keep an inner critic journal, or diary, like a food diary. In it, document all messages that have the negative, judgmental tone of your critic. That will provide a frame for you.

The more swiftly you can identify this sub self, the more effectively you can reduce her potency.

Counter her messages with your objective, adult voice or with an affirmation.

With time and practice, this becomes more automatic. As a result, you will develop more positive control over your life and your time choices.

To your time success,


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