Your Values — How to Build Up from This Solid Foundation

your goals and values
Your values and goals evolve…

Why focus on your values? Well, as the season changes, we tend to reflect on the time that’s gone by and the time that lies ahead.

It’s a natural part of making a transition. And as you go through changes, it makes sense that your values would be among the things you consider.

So, over the next several posts I want to talk a little bit about what I call internal and external values.

They are important because both of them influence how you use your time and your energy. And they also play a foundational role in how you see the world.

Today, let’s focus on external values. 

Basically, they provide a frame for what you do in your life.  They involve areas of life that are of utmost importance to many people, such as work, family, education, and health.

Often we absorb this hierarchy of importance from our parents and other family members.  However, as each of us develops our own vantage point on life, we may redefine what’s of primary importance to us. Sometimes we rebel against the priorities that we learned growing up. Other times, we may be influenced by teachers or mentors who come later in our lives.

However this has developed for you, it’s important to keep in mind that your values do evolve as you grow and change.

Age matters, too.

In addition, your external values may shift, depending on what developmental stage of life you are in.  As you age, for example, your good health may become a core value, where it may have been less of a focus when you were younger.

Likewise, moving ahead in your career may be of great importance to you in your twenties and thirties. But what is at the top of your list in your fifties and sixties? And how has the pandemic affected your perspective on these things?

As we begin a new season, it’s always helpful to reflect on how your external values have evolved and shifted over time. How have they diverged from your parents’ values?  How are they similar?

And how will you make time to take this important inventory in the coming week?

Here’s some help with that.

Do you ever feel like life is coming at you too fast and you’re getting lost in the shuffle?

Are you feeling at sea and rudderless? Unclear about what your priorities even are?

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