Your Words Impact Your Experience — Let’s Look at That

change of view
Your words & your view…

Your words don’t just describe your experience. They also shape it. So it follows that you hold the power to change your experience by changing your words.

Finding time to live your moments as fully as possible is what Heart-Based Time Management is all about.  My aim is to help you live expansively, actualizing your potential, and tapping into your core power, creativity, and values.

Your Heart-Based Path:

As you explore your own Heart-Based path, you’ll find that your feelings about yourself change. Not only that: This process will also transform your feelings about time.  

That’s because when you’re working from your heart, you’re working from the inside out.  It starts with you as the base. And as your work evolves and deepens, things change organically. Sometimes you don’t even notice until long after a change has taken root.

So, what about time?

What’s a Heart-Based way to learn how you feel about time?  I can think of no better place to start than with the words you use when you describe it.

  • Do you talk about feeling pressed for time?  
  • Do you have all the time in the world?  
  • Are you running out of time?

Try this exercise:

Take out a pen and paper and set a timer for 3 minutes.  Now, write down every word that springs to mind when you say the word “time.”  Don’t worry about logic or coherence.  Just write what comes to mind.  Feel free to repeat words.  Turn off your inner critic and just write as fast as you can.

Now, just sit with your words for a few minutes.  

  • What jumps out at you?  
  • Are there one or two words that offer you a good sense of the flavor of your relationship with time?
  • How do you feel about those words?  
  • How might you change them?


The words that you use to describe time shape how you see, and how you live in your moments right now.  If they are based in scarcity or fear, for example, those feelings will leak into your sense of time.

As you might imagine, that has a very profound effect on every single moment of your life. So, this is where you have the opportunity to transform your feelings about time. Those words that you use are not writ in stone.

They are yours. And that means you can come up with different ones. They can be any words you want. You are always in a position to transform your feelings about time by taking charge of the words you choose to use.  It’s that simple and that powerful.

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