Increase Your Follow-Through — How Accountability Buddies Help

When you increase your follow-through you increase your effectiveness, and that is always time well spent. That’s because as your effectiveness grows, your productivity and your confidence increase, too. It’s a positive spiral that will have you eager to stretch, set goals, and enjoy new accomplishments. And it all starts when you increase your follow-through.…

Productivity and You: Using Your Accountability Buddy

Productivity is about using your time and energy to its fullest. It’s not about being busy or overloading yourself with mountains of tasks.  It is definitely NOT about overwhelm! No, productivity is about being 

Productivity Tip: Accountability Buddies Really Work!

Productivity, effectiveness and efficiency are the focus of many time management systems.  And often, when we think of productivity and time management we think of to-do lists, schedules, and maybe timers or other on-line time-tracking tools. But finding time and increasing your productivity needn’t be