Find Time for December's Time Finder Favorites as We Step into 2011!

Finding time to look back over the past month and review posts that caught our readers’ eyes last month is one of my favorite ways to prepare for the coming month.

Following are our top five posts … beginning with an old favorite:  Finding Time by Being Flexible-3 Timely Tips! Clearly this is always a timely topic, and we’ll aim to write more about dealing with change and the unexpected in the coming months.

Next up was one of our Cyber Monday offerings:  Find Time for WordPress Super News on Cyber Monday.  This post focused on a WordPress plugin that searches other blogs for content based on keywords that you enter.  Check out the post and see what you think about Super News!

Another Cyber Monday post focused on audio, noting that Finding Time to Make a Joyful Noise is a Cinch This Cyber Monday! Have you checked out Cinch?  It’s a great way to bring audio into your on-line profile.

Fourth on our list was a post titled Finding Time: Is This Discipline or Rigidity? Some Tips on How to Tell and explored ways to find your balance point between discipline and rigidity.

Focus and flexibility are skills you can build! As you do this skill-building, you’ll find that self-reference is one of your best allies. Keep checking in with yourself to find your balance. You’ll feel more and more comfortable and agile, as you navigate your day by flexing here, and holding firm there.

You’ll find some very helpful tips here that may come in especially handy as you work to stick with any resolutions you may have made for the New Year.

Finally, lots of our readers were intrigued by our series about creating your own Power Sanctuary.  Whether you wanted to Find Time to Recharge for the Holidays by Creating a Power Sanctuary or you were looking for more detail about the nuts and bolts of creating your Power Sanctuary … you were certainly drawn to this self-nurturing and powerful concept.

Did we miss a post that you especially liked?  Let me know – I’d love to hear what you think!

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