Find Time to See the Choices You Make about Your Time and Your Money

journaling1Finding time to manage your choices about your time and your money are two key building blocks in creating a satisfying and fulfilling life. Yesterday we explored some ways that hidden patterns and beliefs can affect those choices.

Today I’d like to, again, build on one of my recent articles.  We’ll look at 10 questions you can ask yourself, to help you see your patterns around time and money.

The seeing is key! Once you can see them, you may want to build on patterns that are helpful — or make different choices about patterns that get in your way.

Ask yourself these questions. Try using a journal to record your answers … and do this more than once.

Time Management Questions:

1. What do I always get done?
2. Where does time get away from me?
3. What interferes with my completing certain tasks?
4. How much more time during the week do I need to handle essentials?
5. What openings in my schedule can I create to enhance my progress?

Money Management Questions:

1. What expenses do I always meet?
2. Which purchases place a strain on my budget?
3. What do I do without, and how do I feel about it?
4. How much more money do I need every week to cover high priority expenses?
5. Where can I economize to set aside money?

Work to be aware of any censorship from your inner critic. Time and money can both be very sensitive subject areas.  The inner critic is often involved as you explore them.  This sub-self can definitely put a damper on any internal dialogue that you are trying to initiate.

Getting the basic information about your time and money choices is a necessary prelude to making any kind of meaningful change. As you expand your self knowledge in these areas, you will be amazed both at what you discover and at what becomes possible!

Have you found time to explore your patterns and choices about time and money? I’d love to hear what you discover!

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