Finding Time to Reflect, with Gratitude, as September Comes to an End

SolitudeFinding time to reflect and finding time for gratitude are both powerful time tools that can turn your day around and recharge your energy in an instant.

Why is that so?  What is it about reflection and about thankfulness that are so powerful?

As we come to the end of September and stand poised to move more deeply into autumn, it’s interesting to ponder this.  It has such a big impact on our energy, our perspective, and our success!

The impact is palpable…

What happens, when we give ourselves the gifts of reflection and the attitude of gratitude?

I find that:

  • Finding time to reflect gives me time to pause, take a breath, and reconnect with my heart.
  • Once I’ve connected with my heart, the attitude of gratitude is a surefire way to open it!

An open heart is expansive, strong, and operating at its optimum capacity.  The heart that has softened and opened with gratitude is bursting with fullness and, at the same time is incredibly light, energetic, and agile!

It’s a heart that teems with ideas, creative new connections, optimism, and clarity.

Reflect and open your heart…

When your heart is open and grateful, you approach the day with the kind of “can do” energy that sails you from task to task with focus, efficiency, and maximum effectiveness!

Isn’t that a great way to end the month of September and launch yourself into golden October?  What about pausing today or tonight, to reflect with gratitude, as our first month of fall comes to an end?

Please feel invited to drop me a line – I’d love to hear what you think!

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