Compassionate Curiosity Doesn’t Kill the Cat – It Finds You Time!

Compassionate curiosity is not a danger.  Not at all.  In fact, compassionate curiosity makes all the difference in the world when you are navigating changes and transitions. That’s because your time management skills usually work best when you’re familiar with 

Transitions: Find Your Path to Power and Find Time!

Transitions.  They are happening around us and within us all the time, from moment to moment, and they come in all sizes.  Transitions are as small and ‘everyday’ as your in-breath and out-breath.  They are also as momentous and all-encompassing as birth and death.

Time Balance Enhances Your Energy: 3 Timely Tips

Finding time to find balance in your life enhances your energy in profound ways.  This, in turn, allows you to be as productive as possible while enjoying your moments fully. Doesn’t that sound like a win-win?  Here are 3 tips and 

Finding Time the Heart-Based Way Every Day-3 Time Tips

Finding time is a perennial challenge, and finding time the heart-based way can make that process a whole lot easier for you. How?  Well, my Heart-Based Time Management System™ focuses on bringing your head and your heart into sync … and from that base flows your own prodigious power! When you are working with your…

Find Time to Include YOU in Your Time Choices

Finding time for the things that matter most is a key skill to develop (and use) if you want to find true satisfaction in your life. And what a great skill to practice this week, as Thanksgiving rings in the holiday season with all of its warmth and joy and, yes, stresses and challenges! In…

Find Time for Balance in Times of Transition

Finding time for balance in your life is challenging – and especially so during times of transition.  And what is fall if not, quintessentially, a time of transition? As we move toward winter and prepare, in most of the US, to let go of Daylight Savings Time, I’d like to offer you some tips and…

Find Time for April's Top 5 Time Finder Posts

Finding time to pause and reflect on the month that’s gone by, as a new month begins, can be very grounding and expansive.  In that spirit, I offer you a reprise of April’s top Time Finder posts! But first … I want to share how excited I am about tomorrow’s interview with Krista Hearty! Want…